kchez007 (kchez007) wrote in vaginapagina,

(Deliberate) accidental nudity, NVR

Hi peeps, this is NVR but figured its as good a place as any to ask such a question... Since last summer holiday I have become addicted to deliberately exposing myself to people. Last summer on a beach holiday my bikini bottoms had gotten loose and while I lay in the sun they had gone to the side leaving my vagina on display... ( I only realised when I noticed a guy trying to discreetly take a photo), I found it very exciting which surprised me.

Since then I have become more and more addicted to allowing strangers to see my vagina and nipples. I do things like deliberately where a bra too big so that when I bend over you can see directly down my bra and my nipples are there for everyone to see.

It started off as a bit of fun but it is starting to take over a little as I now try desperately to get into situations where I am on display.... Even at work and I am starting to worry I may be jeopardising my career if anybody realised it was on purpose.

On my most recent holiday I kept deliberately pulling my bikini bottoms really far down and to the side when applying sun cream exposing my vagina and anus, my friends kept telling me as if I didn't know!

My lowest ebb is that I recently (about a month ago) joined an online nude photo sharing forum, this is so unlike me, and a year ago I would have strongly disapproved of this behaviour.

I am basically just wondering if there is anyone else around who has felt like this / enjoys doing this?
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