thelibraryofsex (thelibraryofsex) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy Scare Like Whoa

Hello fellow VPers!

Today I write to you with a tale as old as time: The Dreaded Prengnacy Scare. Let me get to the brass tax of the situation:

I fooled around with my friend on August 31st and September 1st. We did not have penis in vagina sex, but there was penis rubbing against vulva and penis rubbing against ass contact going on. The night of the 31st, he did have some precum come out of him but it happened as he was moving around, so it hit the back of my leg, and did not hit near my vagina. He wiped it up, I remember that. I think before that happened though, his penis did fall a little from my butt area and hit my vulva twice, but I didn't feel any wetness on my vulva and he did not notice anything come out of him. Then he had his actual ejaculation on my lower back.

On the 1st of September, he did go and jack off in the bathroom, cleaned up and then I rubbed against the shaft of his penis, but not near the head.

I last got my period on August 15th, and I have yet to receive it! Should I begin to worry? I have tracked my periods thus far:

March 9th

April 1st

May 26th (Yeah, I was surprised by how far between my periods had been)

June 21st

July 19th

August 15th

I have been a little bit stressed this month. I started a new job and the days of training required me to wake up 4 days in a row at 5:45 in the morning, and because it's retail job, my schedule is a little all over the place. I was so bumed I was working a retail job instead of a office job I was also going for (and have yet to receive word on), that I was pretty depressed just last week. I haven't noticed any ovulation discharge since my period ended, but I know that doesn't mean much. I'm just really wondering if I should be worried here.

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