Muh Muh Muh Monster (la_fee_verte_) wrote in vaginapagina,
Muh Muh Muh Monster

New Mirena Symptoms

I had a Mirena IUD inserted at the beginning of this month and have been crampy/bleedy ever since. I was hoping some people could take an objective look at my symptoms and see if they think they are cause for concern? My follow up appointment is October 10. Symptoms are as follows:

I had my Mirena inserted on Wed Sept. 3, and was slated to have my period start shortly after. Insertion day was pretty crampy with moderate bleeding, but only lasted part of the day. I started my period the following night. My periods are usually very light and last 4 days max with no to minimal cramping (Thanks to whichever parent that came from), but I have been spontaneously crampy with light-moderate bleeding ever since.
Today has been extremely painful with cramps and twinges. When I emptied my soft cup, I noticed my flow is heavy and deep red. I felt light headed and had some chills for about 2 minutes, so I decided to make some toast as I had not eaten yet today and wanted to rule out extreme hunger as the cause before I called my doctor like the pamphlet says to do. I pooped, which took some will power to push through the pain, but really helped alleviate the cramps. Now I'm laying down with a heating pad, finishing that toast, and feeling like I'm turning up. No light headedness or chills. The cramps come and go and are twingey and painful. I switched to a pad because the soft cup was a bit uncomfortable. I'm supposed to go to the beach later this afternoon, and still want to go but I don't know if my body is up for all that movement.

Thank you for your help! I appreciate any input you may have.

ETA: I checked for the strings when I removed the soft cup and they were there.
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