eatswithfork (eatswithfork) wrote in vaginapagina,

frequent UTIs

I've been getting UTIs so frequently over the last ~6 months that sometimes, I have two within the span of one month. They don't seem to have any correlation to a certain point in my menstrual cycle and I'm doing everything "right." I wipe front to back, I urinate after intercourse, I wear cotton underwear. I also get frequent bouts of BV and I assume it's also e.coli, which is what my urine cultures usually show. This 6 month period does match up with when I started dating my new boyfriend (and we're both monogamous), but I had been slowly getting more frequent UTIs before dating him as well. He does everything "right" too and we don't have anal sex, so I'm confounded how this keeps happening. More background: I have an IUD and I use a menstrual cup that I boil and rinse with alcohol and I use cloth pads, but after months of UTIs, I've reverted to typical drugstore menstrual products. I'm seeing a urologist about this (bladder scope and kidney ultrasounds coming up), but does anyone have similar experiences or insight in the meantime? I'm all but pulling out my hair with frustration.
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