sg_29 (sg_29) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and periods

Hi everyone. I just finished the 21 of my first pack of birth control (yay!). Today I was researching how quickly I would get my period once I started the sugar pills. I didn't find much about that specifically (not a big deal since a few hours later I got my own personal answer in my undies), but I did find out that you don't technically get your "period" while on the pill. I'm assuming that even though we do bleed, since no ovulation has occurred it's not technically a period. However, (please correct me if I am mistaken in any of this) don't you need to ovulate for the uterine lining to thicken and then of course for it to shed? If I'm correct about ovulation being necessary, then what is the blood that descends during the 7 day sugar pills on HBC? Am I wrong somewhere in my knowledge of how the pill works? I'm just really curious and I want to learn more about this fake period stuff.
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