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Atypical Yeast Infection Symptoms and Diflucan

Hello VP-ers,

I just went to PP over some annoying and worrysome symptoms that had been going on for a while, maybe 3 mos. Basically I had a thin and white/yellow discharge (almost like watered down lotion) that would occasionally have little white specks in it, little itchy papercuts at the top of where my labia majora meet, and I was red/irritated down by the vaginal opening/where the inner labia open. Symptoms would come and go, there was no odor. If anything I figured it might be some external yeast (my job is a physically demanding one and I can't always get out of sweaty clothes ASAP) and I was treating with anti-fungal cream. Meanwhile I was also eating my weight in garlic and yogurt. However, every time I had sex, it would BURN afterward (never during) and the skin around the vaginal opening was more prone to tearing/splitting and would be red and swollen looking. I'd have to then take a 3-day break from sex while I healed but the minor irritation never went away fully.

Finally went to PP and explained my symptoms, I was totally expecting BV (never had it before but seemed likely) but I was examined, and a swab revealed...yeast! These are SO NOT my usual YI symptoms, even the midwife said that although my symptoms were unusual, they were still normal for a YI. She prescribed diflucan. I took one pill last night and I am supposed to take another 7 days after the first.

After roughly 24 hours, it seems like the external symptoms are clearing up BUT I'm getting more discharge now than I was BEFORE taking the diflucan.

So my questions are:
Is this just the infection clearing out?
Has anyone else had increased discharge with diflucan?
Has anyone else experienced atypical YI symptoms?
Should I suspect it might be something else even though I was swabbed and it was immediately looked at under a microscope?
(Last Pap was normal, no STI/STD's)

I do have anxiety, especially about medical related things so I appreciate any similar personal experiences.

Thanks so much!
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