ʝen. (dawl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Questions about abnormal pap

In August I went for my yearly pap, and during the pap my doctor said my cervix was irritated and red and bled easily when she swabbed it. She said she thought it was bacterial vaginosis and looked at the sample under the microscope then she prescribed me antibiotics for 10 days. My pap results came back a week later and they were abnormal. I went back to my doctor a few days ago to see if my cervix was better from the antibiotics and she said it looked much better and wasn't irritated or red anymore, but she didn't do an actual pap so I don't know what the results would've been this time. So she referred me to a gynecologist for my abnormal results to get a colposcopy and I scheduled it when I got home.

I was never having any symptoms of anything and was surprised I even had anything wrong with me. I'm wondering if I should just go to my other doctor to get another pap and see what the results are now, before having to go through a colposcopy. Or if I should just go ahead and get the colposcopy. I've read that after having an abnormal pap you should wait a few months and have another pap before getting a colposcopy...?

So I guess my questions are: Should I get another pap at my doctors office before getting a colposcopy at the gyno? Would having an inflamed cervix or a bacterial infection even cause an abnormal pap? I did have unprotected sex months ago and it makes me worry that it's HPV (my STD results were negative). But if it's HPV would the antibiotics have cleared up my cervix?

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