descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

Long Term IUDs & Increased Yeast Infections

Hey lovlies - I have a quick question for any uterus-owning people with IUDs...or anyone who can help me with frequent (ie. monthly or more YIs)!

I have had my Flexi-T 300 for about three and a half years now and overall I *love* it to bits. I've noticed in the last couple months that I've been having much more frequent yeast infections though, and it's really starting to get on my nerves.

Nothing has changed really, my husband (cis-male) and I (cis-female, nulliparous) have been married for a year and half, and there hasn't been a drastic increase in the amount of sex we've been having or anything like that. I am making a consistant effort to wear only cotton underwear (and if I feel the itching start, I go commando with loose cotton pants/skirts as much as possible). I'm horrible at remembering to take pills, or to take them at a consistant time due to shift work so though I've been trying to take probiotics, it's hit or miss if I remember to take them every day (when I do take them, it's these ones.)

I've treated both myself and my husband with OTC diflucan, but I don't feel like it made a difference. Despite my ridiculously sensitive skin, I'm going to try a 3-day course of Monistat starting today, but I'm not holding out hope that it will be super effective either.

Has anyone else had this issue with a long term IUD? Pre-IUD, and really up until this year, I only got a YI like once or twice a year and it was always quickly treated with oral fluconazole or diflucan. Any general recommendations to help reduce the number of YIs I'm getting? Does cutting dietary sugar actually help? I'm a nurse and there's always treats (and I have *zero* willpower) but I'm getting desperate and if that's what it takes, I suppose I'll have to stop being lazy and do it! Thanks VP!
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