worryboat (worryboat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another Question about Weird Bumps down there

Hi! I'm just gonna jump right into it. So I have been tested for stds this past year (included, herpes, chlamidia, and gonnoria). I have had the same sex partner for this past year (one who's been tested as well). Just recently on the 27th we had unprotected sex (i already know that thats not a good idea). We've had unprotected sex with little (little meaning like a yeast infection) to no problems in the past. About 3 days later I noticed some itching on my inner labia. At first it looked and felt like a yeast infection, but then I noticed some white bumps? They're mostly around the opening of my vagina. Ive recently used a different soap down there and have since stopped using it, however it hasn't gotten any better. They haven't blistered at all either like herpes do, and they're in an isolated area. It mostly started out as what looks like a skin irritation, but at this point its been 5 days since i noticed and 10 days since I last had sex. My discharge has been normal and my period is due in about a day. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Could it be stress/period related? Should I wait it out a bit longer? What other STI/STD's could this be? let me know what y'all think thank you!
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