The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in vaginapagina,
The New Bubble Girl

Recommendations for 21/7 hbc pills?

So this is a fun little story. I hope you guys can help me out!

I've currently just finished my last pack of Generesse FE, which is a 24/4 HBC. I went to my ladybits doctor last week and expressed interest in getting an IUD, both for the ease of use, the supposed cheapness of it longterm, and hopes for a change in my sex drive and overall mental well being (Generesse killed my sex drive and I suspect it's contributing to my depression, but that's speculation). The billing department checked with my insurance and my insurance told them that I would be responsible for roughly a thousand bucks for either Paraguard or Skylar. LOL NOPE SORRY. I was thinking it would be between 400 or 500, but not a grand! So unfortunately the IUD is no longer an option for me currently.

I've tried the NuvaRing before and really liked it, and it's listed under "Tier Two" of my insurance in terms of how expensive it is (out of three). The obnoxious thing is, in order to get any of my prescriptions covered, I have to pay the full amount of the medicine up front, then print out a form, mail it in to my insurance, and then wait to get reimbursed after my deductible is met. (At least they reimburse me?) But it's a VERY silly procedure. Who mails anything these days? And I still have about a thousand dollars left before I reach my deductible. FML!

Obviously I know that everyone's experiences with various HBC will be different, but tell me about your favorite pill, and what made it so awesome. There are so many options!
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