Tasha (namelessw0nder) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help figuring out birth control

-26 yrs old, cis-woman, married & monogamous to cis-male partner, nulliparous
-No STI's, no history of STI's, no autoimmune disorders, overall healthy aside from IBS-C, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder
-Tried various oral birth control pills from ages 18-21, on almost every single one I eventually had break-through bleeding (enough to make me feel like I had two periods a month) or migraines; last one was generic for Yaz (started with a g? I think) and that worked fine but I decided to stop using hormonal birth control
-Have used Vitex on and off. Initially for low progesterone (recommended by a nurse), now to manage PMS (bad depression for the week leading up to my period)
-Had a Paragard for about 6 months, but had it removed because it seemed to exacerbate the itch I was experiencing due to DIV (desquamative inflammatory vaginitis). Didn't like the increased cramps or period flow
-DIV seems to be on the mend or under control with hydrocortisone suppositories a few times a week, will probably continue treatment for several more months
-Neither me nor my partner are great about condom use. I feel a lot of guilt and shame about that. I would really like to have a low hassle form of birth control that will make me feel more comfortable about not using condoms or possibly allow me to not use them at all (high efficacy rate).

I am following up with my gynecologist sometime in the next month to let her know how the hydrocortisone is working out for the DIV, so I'll talk to her about all of this then. I'd like to avoid pills even though I am good at taking pills every day and on a schedule. I don't want to affect my whole body's hormone chemistry given my history of depression and PMS (I know it might help, but I don't want to make it worse either).

Pregnancy at this time in my life would be very stressful (lots of environmental stress and am dealing with some depression currently). I am not adverse to abortion, but I know from dealing with a miscarriage (perhaps more accurately a "chemical pregnancy") in early 2013 due to not using condoms consistently, it would be a very upsetting thing for me to go through. I do not want to make my anxiety or depression worse, hence why avoiding whole-system hormones would be ideal. I thought about trying something like a cervical cap or sponge with spermicide, but the efficacy rate is not great on those (below 90%) and I think the spermicide would be too irritating for me. They're also not great for spur of the moment intimacy.

I'm thinking about the NuvaRing, since it uses localized hormones, but am worried it might exacerbate the DIV or give me yeast infections (have been prone to them in the past). Is it save to use boric acid for yeast infections while on the NuvaRing? Most doctors seem to just promote the positives of hormonal birth control, but I read so many horror stories/negative testimonials online... A lighter period would be nice, but I don't want to lose my period altogether or I'll worry that I'm pregnant every month.

I'm not really expecting any responses, but if you have any thoughts about all this, I'd love to hear them! Thanks!
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