B-Ridge (dorkdafied) wrote in vaginapagina,

FSH levels and anxiety

I received some potentially heartbreaking news yesterday afternoon.

For the past year, my periods were stable until they stopped around March 2014. I had very light spotting a month ago and again this past week. I saw my obgyn a few weeks back who asked me to do an fsh blood test -albeit I still had no period or any idea of when it'd be back. She also did a vaginal ultrasound, which came back normal she said. The FSH test result was a 33 however. That's fairly high but I didn't take it when you're supposed to and I didn't know that but it wouldn't have helped ms anyway since I had no period. Then miraculously I had spotting 6 days later. I took a second FSH test on the right day-day 3 of menstruation. My FSH was 80...she referred me to a specialist for further testing. Me and my spouse have been planning on conceiving after we buy our first home in the next several months. But now....

my sisters tell me don't jump to conclusions. Just wait until your appointment next week-by the way- the earliest I could be seen...how frustrating. On the plus,its ranked one of the top fertility and reproductive medicine centers in the nation. It's easier said then done. I might not have a death sentence but from the looks of it and what I've been reading...it is bleak. So tonight I was extra sad, crying, feeling more worthless. Has anyone in this community ever had a similar test result or would be willing to share your story with me ?
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