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the highway dust is over all

Hysterectomy advice

I really want a (voluntary) hysterectomy, but I'm so unfamiliar with the health care system that I don't quite know how to go about getting one. Help, please?

Possibly relevant information:
1. I am in the U.S.

2. For years I didn't have health insurance, so I do not have a designated doctor, primary care physician, or a gynecological health record.

3. The sum total of my gyno experience is one pelvic exam back in 2008 or 2009; pap smear results were inconclusive; I tried a hormonal BC for about 3 months but it didn't have the results I wanted, so I stopped taking it.

4. I am a single, cis woman, 32 years old, nulliparous, and celibate.

5. I have never wanted children, and I hate menstruating with a passion that cannot be described -- these two things are the primary reasons for wanting a hysterectomy.

6. I do have health insurance now, but since this is a voluntary procedure I don't think it will be covered. (My coverage is minimal, anyway.) For this reason, I really want to streamline the process; I'll be paying for every step out-of-pocket, so I don't want to fumble around trying to figure it out on my own if the awesome people here can point me at the right path! :)

7. I don't want to undergo another routine-type pelvic exam if at all possible. I just want the thing out, it doesn't matter if it's healthy! Likewise, I do not want to try a BC option or three before having it out; I want it OUT.

8. Is there anything specific I should look for in a doctor, and/or things I might say/bring/prove/whatever, to convince them to do it? I've heard horror stories from other childfree ladies who have sought permanent sterilization, and I don't want to get halfway through the process only to start over again because the doctor is having bizarre moral qualms or something.

9. Maybe it's jumping the gun, but advice on specific procedures, if there's more than one option, would be great. Time off work, inpatient versus outpatient, follow-up appointments...? If there was such a thing as an outpatient procedure, that would rock!

Thank you all!
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