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Itching Nipple and Paget's?

Hello to all users!

A couple of months ago I began to be bothered by a somewhat irritating problem: an itchy left nipple. Earlier it seemed to be both of my little friends, now it seems to be localized to my left breast, the larger of the two! Sometimes it drives me up the wall, ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC. TRY NIPPLE ITCHING IN PUBLIC. ITS IMPOSSIBLE.

I am 22 years old, and I want to think I'm too young for it to be breast cancer or Paget's, but I also realize the danger of not taking these things seriously.

Here are some of the symptoms I have:
Reoccuring but not constant nipple itch
Occasional dryness, enough that there are tiny flakes
Corticosteroid cream for my psoriasis seems to get rid of it for a while

I'm wondering if anyone has had experiences like mine, or if they had anything life threatening come from symptoms like these. I do often jump to the worst conclusion and rush to the doctor (which I am usually wrong about) so I'm reluctant to go to the doctor just yet... it has been quite a while though. Months to a year.
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