bri (brihanna) wrote in vaginapagina,

lichen planus

i made a post on here months ago about a suspected case of vulvar vestibulitis. well after all this time i was finally able to see the specialist at the vulvar clinic in my city, and she diagnosed me with a very subtle case of vulvar lichen planus, meaning i don't have many open sores on my vulva but the cells are sloughing off at an abnormal rate and causing a burning, stinging sensation. the doctor was very informative and answered all of my questions at the time, and i'll be starting clobetasol ointment tonight, but after doing some research i'm rather worried. am i doomed to deal with this for the rest of my life? am i going to experience vulvar/vaginal "fusion" and become deformed? will i be able to have pain-free sex? i have a follow-up in three weeks and she also diagnosed me with vaginismus and plans on having me see a physical therapist once i've treated the lichen.. but i guess i'm just worried i won't be 100% treated, as there is no cure. which isn't particularly comforting either. i've scoured the internet for firsthand accounts of dealing with vulvar lichen planus and found next to nothing, so if there's anyone in this community who could give me some insight i'd greatly appreciate it
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