marmalade2010 (marmalade2010) wrote in vaginapagina,


Hey everyone,

Looking for some reassurance today as I tend worry too much about these sorts of things. I have been on Alesse for over 4 years now and am pretty careful with taking it (sometimes I take it a few hours late, but that's about it). About 3-4 days ago I started noticing that I had pretty sore breasts, and this has continued all week. They are feeling somewhat "heavy" but mostly only feel sore when i touch them on the side areas, as well as the occasional achey feeling. I have been having slight cramping/bloating feelings too in my stomach. I am due to get my period in about 11 days from now, but usually my PMS symptoms do tend to start at least a week or so before, and it can be pretty bad. I'm just surprised at how early it started this time. I have been overly stressed lately and not sleeping or eating as well, so that could be a factor. (Plus worrying about this probably isn't helping!) But I'm also really worried that this could be early pregnancy symptoms too. Any thoughts on this? Would really appreciate it :)
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