snowberry12345 (snowberry12345) wrote in vaginapagina,

Do I absolutely HAVE to get a pelvic exam to get yeast infection medication from a doctor?

This may seem like an odd question, but I promise you I'm not just a wimp. I have a horrendus yeast infection. Like it feels as if satan has taken up residence in my vagina and is doing whatever evil things he does in there. I've had a yeast infection before, and I have all the classic symtoms. I would have been down the the pharmacy in a second to get some monistat...if I had even $10 to my name. I have no money and won't for some time, but I do have insurance. I could theoretically get into the doctor pretty soon, but I'm worried because I know standard procedure in this situation would be a pelvic exam. If I were to do this, it would be my first (Yikes!) besides the fact that I have a phobia of getting a pelvic exam (Is that even a real phobia though?) I don't think I could handle it at the moment.

I tried putting my pinky (with a little vaseline as lubricant) inside of me a bit ago to check my discharge, and the inside of my vagina was so sore that I felt like I was going to tear and I almost started crying, and was unable to get my piky inside. I have a really tiny pinky. Like a cm in width. I feel like if a speculum were insertered I would be torn and it would hurt worse than I can describe. I want to know if using a speculum is absolutely neccessary, or if I can opt out of it. I think I could possible stand maybe a finger inside of me, but it would still be excruciating. If opting out of a speculum is not an option, I will have to wait how ever long it takes to get money for an OTC treatment.
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