zinewizard (zinewizard) wrote in vaginapagina,

My Pelvis is a Disaster

Hi everyone,
It's me again.
I got a bad UTI four weeks ago, and never quite felt okay. I get them frequently, and they seem to flare up whenever I get BV (and then get a yeast infection because of the antibiotics).
Now I'm in a tremendous amount of pain: my pelvis is constantly throbbing (like period cramps), at work I have to pee every hour, my period is basically on a totally new 50-70 day schedule and my boyfriend said that I was burning him during sex.

So to break this down quickly before I break down in tears:
1) Could BV be causing this constant urge to pee?
2) Could potential fibroids/cysts be causing my constantly urge to pee? (And my facial hair?)
3) Could my vag be burning because of pH differences? Or is it likely that it's BV?
4) Also, I've been using I diluted tea tree oil every day for the last two years to control the constant itching. Could this be making everything worse?
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