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Well, I posted back in April about how my husband and I were going to start trying to get pregnant.

I went to the doctor and had a physical, and I got my titers checked. I was not immune to mumps or hepatitis B. I got my first shot for the HepB from my doctor but was confused by our health region's information about vaccinations (I have to get mumps through them), and by the time I was supposed to get my second HepB shot (before I got around to calling about the mumps vaccine)... I was pregnant!

Timeline is that I stopped taking Yaz in April. My first period post-birth control was May 24, and the test was positive on June 24. But of course, since it happened so soon after I stopped taking birth control, there's no certainty that the usual method of dating is going to be accurate because my cycle hadn't had a chance to get back to normal (whatever that is). According to last menstrual period (LPM), my due date is February 28.

It is important to note at the start of this story that I ate breakfast at about 9.00 a.m. on the way into the city. I am seeing the same OB as who did my laparoscopy (to remove a huge ovarian cyst) back in 2012.

My appointment was at 10.45 a.m. I checked in at the reception desk on the second floor at 10.30 a.m. and went up to the waiting room on the third floor. I was finally called back at 11.30 a.m.

Blood pressure was 110 over 70, which is higher than at my physical in April (90 over 70), but that's okay because I was stressed. I was worried that it would turn out I wasn't really pregnant or something. For realz. My weight was 108.3kg.

Into the exam room. Dr comes in, we talk. He's very nice, really. He got information from me and I got up on the table and lay down and he used the Doppler to try and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Didn't get that, but he'd said it might not work since we're just at the edge of when it works.

However, while palpating my abdomen he found a lump in my tummy. This is the thing I feel when I lie on my front. Apparently it isn't my uterus.

So we talk in his office and he gives me a requisition for bloodwork and tells me to go get that done while we wait for the ultrasound doctor (the ultrasound people at this clinic are all doctors, not just techs, so they can actually talk to you about what you're looking at on the screen and stuff) to get back from lunch.

So I go get bloodwork done and I have to pee in a cup - sorry, two cups, and I think I messed it up but whatever, I can redo it if the results aren't valid. I hate pee tests because I always feel like I did them wrong even when I don't.

I go back and report in at the nurses' station on the third floor, like I was told to, and then I have to wait some more. Finally I am sent back down to the second floor, which is where the ultrasound stuff is. While I'm trying to sort things out with reception, the nurse comes out and asks for me so I just get to go straight back with her, which is good. She gets me to sit on the exam table in the ultrasound room and looks at me and asks, "Are you all right? Would you like some water?"

Seriously, God bless that woman. She brought me a cup of water and a juice box of 100% orange juice. It was 1.30 p.m. and I hadn't eaten lunch yet and I was anxious about what the hell was going on that I needed an ultrasound ASAP, and I just needed a blood sugar hit.

And then the ultrasound doctor came and the gel was warm and I got to see my baby! (The image came on screen and I literally said, "Is that a baby?" I was surprised I was actually pregnant.) He was moving around and he bounced at one point! Like, lying on his back and he wriggled so he bounced up off the bottom like you do on a trampoline! I saw his hand and his feet and of course his head and his bum. He's 46mm long CRL (crown-rump length) and I could see his heart beating (164bpm, totally healthy). His size puts him at 11 weeks 2 days, which is about 5 days older than my LPM suggested. Also, the doctor did the test to show if chromosomal abnormalities are a risk, and so far it looks like no. I still need to do the bloodwork for that (he gave me a requisition for it) but based on the ultrasound it's probably not something we'll be looking at. (Just a note, we do not know yet if it's a boy or a girl and are waiting until birth to find out, but it feels right to say "he" so that's what I'm doing here. I don't say it in public usually. If that breaks a rule or something I can change it, just let me know.)

I do have a fibroid, and it is huge. It's an "anterior wall fibroid" which I believe means that it's on top of my uterus. It measures 14.7 x 9.4 x 11.5 cm, which is, all told, rather bigger than the cyst. (I also have a new cyst on my left ovary, which is where the last one was. Good job. At least it's pretty small. And the doctor said it's normal.)

So after the ultrasound, I took the results back up to the third floor and had to wait some more to see the doctor again. He said that we're basically going to pretend the fibroid isn't there. If I have severe pain it may have started bleeding and I need to call him, but other than that it's not a concern. The only other thing is that it could cause problems with delivery but making it difficult for the baby to descend or obstructing in the case of a c-section, but he doesn't think that's likely given its position on my uterus.

I made my next appointment for next month and we'll sort out when to do my second trimester ultrasound then. My husband will come for that one. He would have been there for this one but of course we didn't expect to have one today.

By the time I got out of the office it was 3.00 p.m. I went to the mall and had A&W for lunch because I was starving.

Oh, and I have a picture:

 photo 20140806_zps8658fe5d.jpg

Basically, so far as I can figure out they found the fibroid back when I first went in but then they also found the huge cyst and then I guess they forgot about the fibroid? And so now I have this huge fibroid (seriously, that is huge, I think it's bigger than the cyst was). And of course, just like the cyst, I am asymptomatic. No pain, no bleeding, nothing. Which I am glad of right now, but I suppose I should talk to them about having it removed eventually, obviously after the baby is born?

Anyway, baby! And so much to do between now and February. And baby brain on top of ADHD (of course unmedicated). *sigh*

My biggest thing at the moment is that my mom has Type II diabetes that started as gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my two youngest brothers (they aren't twins; it went away in between pregnancies). I would like to see a dietician to get things figured out so that I can hopefully prevent the same thing happening to me (especially since I have a huge problem with sugar), and that is turning out to be complicated to figure out. Why does the Canadian Diabetes Association only offer their services to people who already have diabetes? I am high risk, and I really need more guidance than "follow Canada's Food Guide" because certain meals (i.e., lunch) are really hard for me to figure out. Bleh. I'll get it sorted out, I'm just complaining.
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