aaa101kc44 (aaa101kc44) wrote in vaginapagina,

a big question? or a big cluster of questions?

hi... i don't really know where to start with this one!

i have a mirena IUD that has been in place for about 4 and a half years. i haven't really gotten a period for most of the time that i've had it, but sometimes have light spotting or mild period symptoms like breast tenderness.

in early june i started to notice my breasts were tender. this had happened to me periodically, like i said, but it hasn't gone away the whole time and my breasts have actually gotten noticeably bigger.

in mid june about a week after i started to notice breast tenderness, i had PIV sex with a man. he did not wear a condom for part of it, but he didn't finish inside of me.

shortly after that, i started bleeding in amounts and type of blood that were more like a regular period, lasting about 5 days.

i've gotten menstrual-like bleeding again this month and my breasts are still much bigger than they were two months ago, and tender, and i am feeling very sensitive and hormonal like i used to on my periods before the IUD.

i feel like the odds of this being a pregnancy are slim, as it's not yet time for me to replace my IUD and also the man didn't finish inside me, plus the fact that my feelings of breast tenderness started before i had sex with him. and i haven't noticed any unevenness or lumps in the breast tissue since they've been growing.

does anybody have any ideas about this, or experiences with sudden hormonal changes after some years of being pretty regular on the IUD?

i don't know if i have gained any weight recently, but if I have, could that explain it?

also, i am planning on going to the doctor in a couple of months to talk about removing and/or replacing my IUD, but i was wondering if i am wrong about anything about pregnancy risks, as pregnancy is one of my worst fears next to actually having a baby, so i guess if i was it would be time-sensitive... but i don't want to go to the doctor sooner than that if i can help it because money.

i don't know i'm just really stressed about it. if anybody has any insight i'd really appreciate it, even though i know it's not possible to really diagnose anything through the internet.

i think i'm underselling how anxious i am about this, im feeling very desperate, i haven't been anywhere near LJ in years and i started this account solely for this purpose.
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