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Chemical Pregnancy & my next period.

Hi my name's Ashley. In June I put up a post asking about possibly being pregnant after my first time sex with my boyfriend. I ended up getting pregnant but experienced a very early miscarriage, a chemical pregnancy.

I got the chemical pregnancy and my period on the same day, July 8th (I usually start somewhere between the 8th-12th of every month)
Right now I'm about 9 days late, and I don't know what to think. It probably wasn't the best idea to get back into the whole having sex thing considering what happened after the last time. But it has happened twice since then.

Right now I am experiencing some small sharp pains in my abdomen and sometimes my stomach will ache and i'll have a small pain above my belly button. I don't feel like I'm pregnant because I'm not experiencing the same sbns like tender breasts etc. like the last time, but I will be taking a test soon.

My main question is, after a chemical pregnancy when should I expect my period to come? Is it normal to be late afterwords? The symptoms like my small stomach aches and abdominal pains .. what do you think they mean? (Yes we recently had sex a couple of days ago, so I can see how that would attribute to the abdominal pain, but what about the stomach pains?)

I'm just a bit worried about if we're pregnant again (i'll take a test to check for sure soon) but right now, i'm just super worried about being late when it comes to be period. I used to have a SUPER irregular period cycle when I was 13/14. Recently this past year i've been starting at the beginning of every month to it now being a more specific date: somewhere between the 8th-12th.

Thank you!

Ashley &' David
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