Lauren (_starcatcher_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control left in car for short time

Hi there!

I had my birth control (lo loestrin fe) in my purse. I then left my purse in my car for about a half hour while I ran an errand. (I totally spaced and forgot to take it out. My purse was on the floor and kind of in the shade. And the pills were in the little envelope slip thing). I know birth control shouldn't be left in the heat. (The pack says to about 86 degrees).

My question is, is the birth control still okay to take? It was only a half hour and it wasn't too hot this morning while I was out. (I live in Vegas) Or should I throw it out and start a new pack (which I do have)?

And if I do start a new pack, just start from the very beginning of the pack? Or I had just started the pack I left in the car on Monday. So do I just start from the fourth pill?
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