Sabby (smokyvelvet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Forever period and horrible cramping.

Okay, first, a little backstory. I'm 30 years old, married. When I was 16, I stopped having a regular period. Didn't have a period until I was 21. Started spotting a little every month between 21 and 25. When I turned 25, I started to bleed. It was VERY heavy, very clotty, and lasted 3 months until I was able to get into a doctor. Doctor put me on HRT for 10 days, that stopped the bleeding.  Never find out why, had to move across the country with emergency situations. Have really random periods between then and now. 3 years later, finally get into a doctor that checks me over. Ovaries and uterus look good, everything looks good, but I'm hypothyroid. Doctor puts me on 50mcg of Synthroid.

Everything is fine until July 1st, and I start what looks like a normal period. But it doesn't stop. 3 weeks later, I decide enough is enough, go into my doctor, and he puts me on birth control to try to stop it. Week of birth control, and nothing, so he switches the birth control and tells me to take 3 the first day, and 2 a day for the rest of the pack to try to get me to stop bleeding. (Zovia) I stop bleeding within the first couple of days...stop bleeding for about a week and half, maybe 2 weeks. The hormones are wrecking hell on my mood, and I'm cramping SO INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE BAD, so I stop taking 2 a the 2nd day of only one a day, I start spotting again. That was Sunday. Yesterday, Monday, I go back to the Doc because my cramping is horrible -- he tries to do an exam but can't get a pap smear because I'm bleeding to bad, and it's agony the entire time he's got the speculum in -- and pressing on me is horrible too, even though he tries really hard to not hurt me ( I have a really wonderful, caring doctor) Still says he doesn't feel any fibroids or anything, so he wants to refer me to an actual GYN.

What's wrong with me? D: I'm so scared I may have cancer or something. I'm pouring heavy, clotty blood again, I'm still cramping so badly it's almost debilitating, and I'm just so lost.

I'm 30, 300 lbs, hypothyroid on 50mcg of Synthroid, and have sleep apnea but use a cpap machine. :(

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