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Using sex toys for vaginismus/vulvodynia

I have on-off problems with vulvodynia (pain in the genital area) and vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles) is often involved to some extent. I've just had quite a bad flare-up that lasted about a month, and getting back to enjoying PIV sex is tricky. The pain is currently worst on penetration and will settle down, sometimes entirely and sometimes not, after a bit. It's focused around the lower side of the vaginal entrance. Generally I can cope with a menstrual cup if it's very small and soft, but not for the last couple of months.

I have a fabulous (male) partner who could quite happily spend entire weekends going down on me, and I've had far less trouble with pain with him than I've ever had, including enjoying PIV for the first time in my life. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be anything going on in the way of thrush or BV or STIs, goodness knows I've been tested often enough for those, and it's been suggested that it's a form of nerve pain. I've got the book Heal Pelvic Pain, written by a pelvic physio who reckons that pelvic pain tends to be caused by pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. She prescribes stretches and massage. I do sometimes get into a good routine with the stretches, which are also great for back and leg pain, but never got far with the massage for various reasons.

Anyway, right now I'm reading up on various kegel exercisers and so forth. The hard plastic dilators the gynae gave me were horrible. I don't think they're quite what I need, and I really don't like the idea of have strings involved anywhere, especially since I have an IUD. There's one thingy around called a Vagi-Wave where apparently you wear it while you sleep. It looks suspiciously like a standard dildo, silicone I'm guessing, with a string attached. Arggh. Strings. Do not want. And it's really expensive. So then I started looking at silicone dildos, but they are long enough to have a good handle, and I was thinking of something I could just leave inside me for a bit, say while going through my stretches routine. I've ended up looking at butt plugs, and am thinking this one might be a good size. Nice little ring for removal which I reckon wouldn't hurt my vulva if I left it in for a while, a bit textured which might help with sensation, looks like a reasonable width and not too narrow at the point which will be at the vaginal entrance. And it also might be fun to leave in during oral sex!

What do you reckon, folks? Has anyone used sex toys for this sort of thing? This article talks about hating the prescribed dilators (so it's not just me) and using smallish sex toys.
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