Kater. (franticgoddess) wrote in vaginapagina,

Onset/likelyhood of BV?


What is the approximate onset of BV following intercourse? Or rather, how long should I be keeping an eye out for symptoms before I am most likely in the clear? Boyfriend and I were tipsy, camping, and had a slip during doggy style, he ended up in my anus for a moment. Hurt but wasn't that bad so we had a whoaaaa nope, readjust moment, before I realized (much after the fact obviously) that even in brevity there is probably some kind of contamination/infection risk there. It was only for like, not even a full second probably, but having continued on with vaginal intercourse after, I'm a little concerned about potentially dealing with a case of BV.

I did urinate after, but since we were camping showering wasn't really much of an option until the next morning. So far nothing too worrying--a little soreness and probably a bit of a tear back there but again, nothing I'm really concerned about except for the potential for BV(which at this point is just a waiting game I guess but, wondered if I should be worried for a full week or if a few days is adequate).

Thank you!
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