lb76696 (lb76696) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina smell and taste changed? And mouth ulcers with oral sex?

Over the past few days I've noticed that my vagina smells slightly different when I put my fingers inside. I don't think it's a particularly offensive smell (I hope not), I just find it weird that it's changed. I think it tastes a little more sour as well. I first noticed this a few days after my Boyfriend stayed with me, so I don't know if the smell and taste was different then too. He didn't say anything, but I'm worried it's going to get worse with sex or something. Is it normal for it to change sometimes?
Another thing, I have in my mouth what I think is a skin tag from my wisdom tooth coming through, but I'm a little worried it's a mouth ulcer. Can I give oral sex with this? Will it be contagious like a cold sore?
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