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Am I pregnant?

So here's the story ... I had a miscarriage in December and have been trying to get pregnant since. I have taken 4 rounds of clomid but choose to take this month off because it was hard on my hormones and my poor boyfriend was not liking my moods.

I am still doing ovulation testing and tracking, but I usually get my period between days 28 - 35, usually around day 32. Well it's now day 40 and still no period. I have taken two pregnancy tests and they both came up negative.

I am having all kinds of mixed signs from my body, sore boobs (which I get with PMS), mild cramping (which I get with PMS), headaches (I have all the time), being very tired (which is normal cause I don't sleep well) and some mild nausea - but no bleeding, spotting or signs of red.

Am I pregnant?

Should I go see a doctor? Or should I wait a little longer?

Did stopping clomid alter my cycle? Is that a possibility?

*****Quick edit here for clarification ... all rounds of Clomid were prescribed by my Ob/gyn and monitored closely. Also, with my last pregnancy I never ONCE tested positive via urine tests. My dr. says I may be one of the few child baring people who do not test that way ... so I got a lab req. and I am heading there on my lunch to get a HcG test done ... hopefully I will have answers in 24-48 hours.*****

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