Katrina (katrina_splat) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV suspected - don't know what I should push for?

Hey superstars,

Currently sitting in the waiting room of a walk-in clinic. I think I have BV. I think I partly want to write just to see if anyone has anything to add to this.

The BV I've suspected for two days, due to having liquidy, grey discharge that smelled really strongly. The only time I've smelled something like that is when I left my menstrual cup in for a week a few years ago (but that's another story -- I was fine). I didn't get treatment last time, that cleared up very quickly on its own. I'm worried it won't this time.

Today I started menstruating. Will this affect the diagnosis? They said they don't do swabs at the walk in, but do you think they'll be able to/willing to diagnose me?

The nurse also said that it should go away on its own, is this right? Should I push for antibiotics? Should I try and get boric acid? I don't know what I'm facing and I've a feeling I'll get shoved in and out very quickly.

(Background -- I've been on Cerelle for 3 months and almost constantly bleeding this last month and a half, aside from a few days a while back and the last 5 or so). I thought something was weird with the blood, to start with. That's another issue, I'm seeking to level out my hormones because I am 90% sure I have a mood disorder tied to hormonal fluctuation and was about to get a Mirena IUD but this is making me hesitate. On top of that I have a freshly pierced VCH, about a month old, that has gotten hypergranulation tissue, and I've been carefully doing aspirin paste on that to help heal. Don't know if this is relevant).

Thanks for reading, appreciate all responses! I'm also currently in UK, if that's relevant, too.
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