kitten_claw (kitten_claw) wrote in vaginapagina,

vaginal itching

Hello! I just wanted to share my experience with vaginal problems and the solution I found. For several years, I suffered from vaginal itching and a raw, burning feeling that made sexual intercourse painful. I thought it was a chronic yeast infection, but the gynecologist did not find any yeast overgrowth. There was white cottage cheese-like discharge and no odor. I eliminated dairy products from my diet and the discharge and itching went away within a couple days. I was thrilled to have a normal vagina again, but missed eating dairy products, so I started experimenting with different ones to see if there were any I could eat. Plain milk (organic and conventional) stimulated a small amount of creamy discharge, but no itching. When I tried eating yogurt, however, the itching and lumpy discharge came back immediately. I kept experimenting and discovered that the dairy foods I could not tolerate included yogurt, cream cheese, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and some types of bleu cheese. In other words, most cheese and cultured dairy products caused itching, but not plain milk. I have been unable to find anyone else who shares this (vaginal) intolerance to certain dairy products. I have no idea why yogurt and cheese would have this effect on my vagina. Perhaps someday, I'll come across a medical article explaining it, but so far I haven't found one. So, I just thought I would share my story in case anyone else is having unexplained itching. 
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