kitkatcat (kitkatcat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Labia Minora Cyst

Hey everyone.

So for the past few weeks I have had a bean sized swollen cyst inside my Labia minora. It seems to have swollen the lower half of my labia minora. It is quite painful when I try and pester and pop it, I had one a couple months ago that ruptured and healed with no trouble at all.

Whenever I touch it I get awful shooting pains to my clit, obviously making anything sexual a bad time.

My doctor is out of town, so I will have to go to walk in. My fear is they will throw me on antibiotics and send me off...

Has anyone had one of these stubborn labia minora cysts? And if you did a round of antibiotics did it actually work or was it just a band aid? Ever had one that went away without popping or other interventions? (It was feeling better and then I though heck lets try and pop it again! Bad move.)

Im terrified of it being a bartholins cyst because everywhere you look on google tells you about needing a surgical proceedure and a drainage catheter... do not want.

Please let me know your experiences.
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