nervoussocks (nervoussocks) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fenton's procedure vs Hymenectomy?

Hi VP, I have a nervy pre-surgery question.

I recently finally got around to seeing my doctor about what I was already pretty sure was a microperforate hymen (I am 27, irregular periods, never been able to use tampons or do any other kind of penetration). She basically confirmed it and then I went through the public-health rigmarole of gynae referral, consultation scan, pre-work-up, etc. I have now been booked in for a surgery in the next few weeks. I was expecting (after my very scientific and extensive googling) to be booked in for a hymenectomy/hymenotomy but instead I've been booked in for a Fenton's procedure, which after some more googling looks like a similar procedure that generally happens to women who experience scarring after a peritoneal tear during childbirth. They both do the same open-the-vulva-up type thing but I'm a bit nervous that it's going to be a more extended procedure than I was hoping - hymenectomies seem pretty noninvasive and the Fenton's seems like it involves rather more cutting into bits that shouldn't normally be cut and sewing up etc. Am I totally overthinking it? I know the answer is really going to be "Yes, talk to the surgeon", but has anyone had a hymenectomy referred to as a Fenton's procedure, are they really the same thing, is Fenton's just a very wide term that could encompass a hymenectomy? - etc etc.

I can think of a few non-serious explanations (for example, some people in the google seem to use the words Fenton's procedure and hymenectomy interchangeably) that would let me avoid actually using my words to talk about this ... I consider myself quite non-fussy about this sort of thing but for some reason I DREAD the idea of trying to bring this up with the surgeon (who I don't expect to meet until day-of) or my GP, who is my family doctor and has been since I was 4. I have no doubt I would end up using horrible euphemisms and generally making a fool of myself.
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