tamberly (tamberly) wrote in vaginapagina,

frequent barthaloin cyst

Just looking for opinions of other people who have gone through similar.

The first guy I had sex with, I got a barthaloin cyst afterwards. Not the first time, but maybe the 3rd time I had sex. We didnt use condoms and were drunk and I wasnt very lubricated down there. I ended up in hospital due to barthloin cyst and they put me to sleep and drained it.

The second guy I slept with, no condoms again, had a very thick penis, and I got another cyst after the first time we slept together (again, I wasn't lubricated enough down there, this time I was sober but I didn't realise until he was already inside me and he kept going even though I was in pain) and ended up having another cyst drained. on a different occasion I slept with him again over a few days, and then I felt the lump coming back...and it did. I went to hospital and had it drained and they didnt get all the fluid out so I had it drained a second time a week later.

So I had cysts drained 4 times in total, all on the same side. Its making me afraid to have sex again. Has anyone who had these ever just had them stop by making sure they were very lubricated?

About 1.5 weeks after I had my last cyst drained I had sex with a different guy (I know I should have waited longer), whos penis was probably average size and we used a condom, and I was fine. I was very lubricated beforehand, lots of foreplay, and I enjoyed it and it was such a relief I didnt get sick again. I want to sleep with him again, it has been a few months since I had sex with him (he was the last person), but i'm terribly scared I will end up in hospital again. I don't know if the condom made a difference but I was hoping not to use them again as its less enjoyable for me.

Can anyone please give me any advise its really frustrating. I spoke to my gp about it and she basically said its something I have to deal with...but having cysts drained every time I have sex is so traumatic not to mention painful.
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