tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chronic Pubic area problems?


Basically, I have very sensitive skin down there, like very. I feel as if it has grown more sensitive this past year for reasons I don't know. The most sensitive area is on the top where the hair is. It comes and goes, but my pubic hair area will get so itchy and just very sensitive to jeans ect. then some days its totally fine. The catch is i think it's only when i have my pubic hair a certain length. When the hair is like a quarter of an inch or so (that's the maximum length i keep it) I find its SO irritating. there will be certain spots in my pubes that if i press down on it i get pretty bad pain, i can't tell if its the skin or just the follicles are sore because the hair gets matted/pushed down.. almost like when your hair is in a ponytail for too long and you take it out and your scalp hurts. i got this feeling tonight and i examined my pubic area, and there is this one area that repeatedly gets sensitive to the touch and hurts. I was almost crying because I thought i might have contracted something due to the amount of times this one area starts to hurt...so i got in the shower and sat in warm water and shaved then I got immediate relief. like i can rub my finger around the spot and around my whole pubic area and nothing hurts anymore. can i safely assume that the pain is because of my pubes? or is there something else this could be? there are no bumps or huge skin changes.

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