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Relationship & sex advice....

So I am in a relatively new relationship with a man, B.  We have been together for 3 months now, and I am a bi femlle and he is a straight male. . I am absolutely smitten with him, and I think he feels the same way.  And while I know this first issue isn`t vaginal related, I could use advice from other people!

My first instinct when I am with someone is to be touchy feely a lot, and to feel emotionally reassured through physical contact.  He doesn`t have that instinct at all - he would be happy to just cuddle when we go to bed, and that is it.  I have a feeling that I am being too needy in this aspect - my most recent ex was stiflingly touchy feely, and by the end of our relationship (it was long distance) there was too much and it was overwhelming. I think I became used to that over the last two years, and I can't remember what I was like in my relationship previous to that - my BFF says I was needy, but only because my needs weren't being met in that relationship.
Talking with B, he says he understand that, and we have talked about trying to meet in the middle - he is going to try to be more affectionate with me, and I am going to try to tone back on all of the touchy feely stuff all the time.
Does anyone have any suggestions for things/routines that we can incorporate into our time together? We don't live together, but have been talking about it.

The second issue that has come up, is that the taste of vaginal fluids is distasteful to him. He doesn't like going down on chicks, and this has apparently always been an issue for him. He's willing to do it, and he's quite good at it. But I would like it if he enjoyed it more. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone :) 
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