darkanddusty (darkanddusty) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lube recommendations?

Hi, Superstars!

The BF and I are on the hunt for a new brand of lube. We've previously had problems with glycerin-containing lubes, as well as coconut oil, so we are looking for a non-coconut oil, non-glycerin-containing, relatively affordable brand of lube.

We generally don't use condoms, so we don't have to worry about products that can break them down. Flavored and non-flavored lubes are both fine.

If you have any recommendations for sample packs, we'll take those as well! I browsed through the lube tag, but most of the links (especially to sample packs) are dead since the posts are years old, and there are probably some great new brands/products out now anyway.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: lube
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