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Any ideas on what to do about shaving?

I hope I'm posting this in the right area...

I've come across a slight problem. I'm VERY irish so my skin is pretty fair but my mom has dark coloring and I also have dark coloring...fair skin and dark coloring, lovely mix (not). I have no problem shaving my legs or underarms or anything like that, my real problem is my bikini line. The hair extends about 1-1 1/2 inches down my thigh, so not a HUGE problem but enough to make it noticeable. I've shaved since as long as I can remember so now the skins kind of rough down there. I talked to my mom about it and she said as she was growing up she definitely had the same problem but she just shaved. I don't have any sisters only brothers so I have no idea if I just inherited this hair thing from my mom which I'm assuming I did. Well, I shave too just like my mom and I can still see the hair underneath and those ungodly razor burn bumps and I'm talking ALL over the bikini line. I recently went to the beach and had to keep my shorts on and just told my friends and boyfriend that the bottoms were too big and didn't want them falling off.

I've tried bikini zone cream which seems to irritate it even more. I've also tried putting baby powder and deodorant but none of that helps either. My boyfriend has never made a comment about it ever so it doesn't really bug me in that situation. It's just mainly that I wanna be able to go to the beach and walk around in my bikini top and bottoms without feeling self conscious. I've been looking into getting a wax but I know hair has to be grown out to a certain length and I can't really do that seeing as I go to the beach often and I'd rather not let the hair grow out that much.

This seems so insignificant I know but it really does a number on my confidence. All my friends walk around in their bikini bottoms and you wouldn't even know that they grew hair there. I guess what I'm asking is has anyone found any good solutions? Is waxing the best route? Is this normal? Like I said it really only extends an inch onto my thighs nothing too crazy but enough to make me feel down.

**A quick question, could this be PCOS? I was more inclined to believe it's not since my mom seems to have the same hair problems as I do and she does not have PCOS. I've noticed some people with PCOS do mention excessive hair growth in their bikini area and that's what caught my attention. I wouldn't say I'm overly hairy though. I asked my mom and she said it was completely normal and like I said, she also has a bikini line that extends as far as mine. I have hair on my chin maybe 6 or 7 but yet again, so did my mom growing up. My periods are also very regular and I am at a healthy weight for my height. Just a little thought...
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