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Uterine Lining Shed and a Question

Hi all! My second post in a month, but I had a very interesting experience and wanted to share/get some advice.
I am on my first pack of Yaz (have been off it in over a year) and had gotten to the end of my active pills. I started having very minimal but very brown (with what looked like very, very small "shreds" of uterine material). I then continued to have very minimal but slowly turning redder bleeding in the first two days of the placebo pills. This morning I got up and removed my tampon, and a long peach-grey sac (that tapered down) seemed to come out right behind it!
I was incredibly distressed as this has never happened to me, and feared I might be having a miscarriage, though the chance of me being pregnant are small. I took a home pregnancy test, which came back negative.
Luckily I found the uterine lining post here, and recognized the photos other users submitted as what I was experiencing-which made me feel a little better. Thank you!

Here are the photos I took, with a penny for size reference. Hopefully they help someone else out!
The question I had was: though my pregnancy test was negative, should I wait and take another? It seems like this is a pretty cut and dry "weird HBC influenced period", but I'm still a tiny bit scared it could be some kind of failed/failing pregnancy? Basically, just an anxious soul.

Edit: so sorry, my cut was messed up the first time. Hope I didn't bother anyone, and sincerely apologize if I did.
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