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possible PCOS, a lot of excess body hair?

hello! so i have a bit of an embarrassing problem which i am very self conscious about I've always been on the hairier side, arms ect. and as i went into puberty i think it got a lot worse or maybe i just noticed it more as i became a teenager, plus i got made fun of for it quite a bit. i have hair probably on every inch of my body it seems like. my friends have body hair too but its barely noticeable.. i have dark brown almost black hair and olive skin and it just really sticks out. what bothers me is that i have hair *yikes* around my nipples, in between my breasts, front and back of shoulder blades, stomach, thighs, outside of my thighs like my outer legs, and even worse my butt cheeks, which makes it really embarrassing to wear a bikini, lower and upper back. some areas are worse than others, like my chest and clavicle area aren't that bad but noticeable, my nipples have a few course hairs, legs and butt are pretty bad. i also have facial hair a little which i don't mind because i bleach it easily and it looks completely normal. anyways the whole upkeep is really exhausting, i have to shave my legs and bleach my whole back and butt, bleach my face and upper arms. i also have ovarian cysts... my gyno said it might be PCOS but didn't really do many tests. i also have a fairly irregular period. she also said i don't really fit the PCOS symptoms as i am 110 pounds, even though I'm not sure if weight has a huge thing to do with it. anyways, could the hair be from PCOS? does anybody else struggle with this/have any tips on how to control the hairiness??

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