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Okay so I'm 30 weeks pregnant and basically since I got pregnant I've noticed a couple of skin tags randomly form on my vagina. After some research and some questions to my mother who's a doula and has had 7 kids of her own I have come to find out that skin tags in pregnancy are super common. Not the nicest looking but common.

So I had my first dr appointment with my regular gyn because she's also an OB and she delivered my nephew so I was comfortable with her. Long story short I dislike the hospital she now delivers at so I made the decision to switch dr's. My first doctor was the one to do a regular Pap smear and test for all std's.... At least that's what I was told at the time. As far as I know all tests came back negative. My second dr hasn't done any internal exams because they haven't needed too and they got all info from fIrst dr.

Now since probably early on shortly after I had my first appointment I winded up noticing that I have some white bumps in the entrance to my vagina. At first I panicked. Google told me that it could be genital warts and of course google makes you feel like crap.Then I thought well maybe they are just skin tags because my mom did mention that you can get skin tags inside the opening as well and they can be a problem for birth depending on the size.

Truthfully I am really unsure of what these are and I'm having some issues feeling shameful about myself if these are indeed an std. I know it's way more common than I think but I guess I just feel like I messed up and I'm about to be a mom and how could I be a mom when i was foolish enough to get an std? I know this is very irrational thinking and likely I'm just overreacting from hormones but still.

I haven't brought this up to my midwives yet because I am afraid they will tell me I can't have a natural birth that I'm hoping for and kick me out of their practice. (Because their practice is focused more on natural births than anything else which is why I chose it) And I can't talk to my mom about std's cuz she tends to make you feel guilty and like you messed up for having unprotected sex.

So my question is what do you think? And if these are genital warts why wouldn't I test positive when I had the std tests done?

Attached is a very graphic picture

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