icegirl99 (icegirl99) wrote in vaginapagina,

LS and Painful Sex

I need some advice on how I can make sex less painful. I've had lichen sclerosis since around 2009, or that's when I started having symptoms. Was off treatment for a while and just recently went back on it after my gyn discovered that my labia minora has disappeared. I'm using clobetasol ointment once a day at night until I see my gyn again on August 7th.

This morning my husband and I had sex and it was extremely painful for me. Penetration made my vaginal opening sting and burn badly, both with fingers and his penis. After awhile the pain started to go away but never completely stopped, so I'm not really thinking its a lubrication issue. Although I'm wondering if lube might help ease the pain when penetration first occurs.

As far as I can tell the treatment for the LS is helping a bit, I still deal with some itching and burning after I pee but I have a feeling that will never go away. My vulva is no longer red so that is an improvement. 
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