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Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Body image and summer time.

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Have you seen this post going around? It's about wearing a bikini despite having a body our culture does not deem "a bikini body". "The reason these people do not want to see a fat body in a bikini is because traditionally, that garment is something a woman earns by proving herself attractive enough to exist."
(You know what we say about "having a bikini body" - have a body, put a bikini on it, you're all set!)

We know body image is something that gets challenged/celebrated/talked about a lot in the summer months, and there are a lot of pieces written about that issue. Do you have a favorite? Is there a perspective you have read online, in print, or heard from someone that has been helpful to you in feeling more comfortable and empowered in summer time, body-or-otherwise? Let us know in comments!

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