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Constant vaginal issues?

Hi, everyone!

As of late, I've been dealing with quite a few issues involving my vaginal area. Just to add a little prospective: I've been in a relationship with my cis male boyfriend for more than a year. When we first began having intercourse, I didn't have many vaginal issues. Within a month or two of starting our relationship, I began taking hormonal birth control (Ortho Cyclen). From there, things seemed to go downhill.

I began experiencing quite a bit of vaginal discomfort. I would experience small (maybe the size of a paper cut), but mildly painful tears. I believed my HBC was causing vaginal dryness so my partner and I began making sure I was fully aroused when we decided to get busy. It helped, for the most part, and sometimes I would go a week or two without experiencing pain, but it still didn't stop the tearing from happening.

Due to skin related issues, I stopped taking the HBC in early June. But, in recent times, no matter HOW careful we are during sex, I still tear and experience mild discomfort at my vaginal opening. Even when I haven't had sex for over a week, my opening is still noticeably tender - almost as if my body hasn't healed from the last injury. So as soon as I begin having sex with my partner, I'm already dealing with more discomfort and another tear.

Just today, after my boyfriend I finished having sex, I felt a little strange. I put a mirror between my legs to see what was going on and low and behold one side of my labia AND my vaginal opening was swollen.

Sigh, I'm not sure what to think anymore. I think it's about time I make an appointment to the gyno and see what's going on, but I really would like to know if any of you have ever experienced these type of vaginal issues before, or if you could help me understand why all of this may be happening to me! My partner is extremely supportive, but it has personally been affecting my feelings toward sex AND my body, which may even be contributing to my vaginal discomfort. :-(

Thanks in advance for the help!
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