Marion Ravenwood (marionravenwood) wrote in vaginapagina,
Marion Ravenwood

American College of Physicans advises against routine pelvic exams

The American College of Physicians issued a statement earlier this week that pelvic exams are not a useful screening tool for healthy women, and can even be harmful.

More details here.

See also:

I have been saying for YEARS that there's no evidence for pelvic exams in asymptomatic people (see my posting history), but I am so frustrated that so many people continue to be coerced into something that can be highly traumatic and invasive yet has so little value. There is probably also a link between all these pelvic exams and the fact that the US has double the hysterectomy rate of other developed countries. Even with this most recent statement I doubt clinicians will stop (and most clients will still feel like they have to go along with it).
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