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james is a girl

Fibroid out but..no mirena

Hello again, amazing and lovely people

I said I'd post after my op in case it's helpful for anyone else there staring down the barrel of the same thing.

The proceedure was yesterday afternoon and I am feeling way better than I expected. Very little pain at all, sleepy and mentally a bit dopey (holding a tea cup so I end up watering the floor, repeatedly). I suspect some of the quality painkillers they injected yesterday may not have quite worn off because as today has gone along I'm a little niggly and uncomfortable, but all in all, okay.

I've had an adventure with consultants. I was initially due for the op on 10 June but got a call the week before from the hospital saying that the consultant who was booked to do it didn't feel experienced/qualified/comfortable with is, so she was passing me onto the lead gynae consultant at the hospital. While not overjoyed with a delay, I was pleased that they review ahead, and are really careful.

I met the consultant yesterday and he explained that after a full review, he felt that the fibroid was only part of the problem and he expected to find that my uterine lining was unreasonably bulky and he asked if I would consent to a resection/ablation - a thinning, if not removal, of the old built up lining. He said this would make mirena not possible and also probably not necessary. As I don't plan on having children anyway, this seemed to be a good option so I consented and all was well. Minor niggle - my period had arrived early and he was concerned he wouldn't be able to see well enough to operate without risk. I agreed to go ahead anyway as my periods have been so very, very painful I didn't want to have another one before getting this sorted out.

Going into theatre I had a massive attack of nerves and was quite teary but the nurses and the anesthetist were wonderful, making me giggle about their attractive hats until the drugs kicked in, then I tried to tell them that drugs were bad, m'kay...and that was it until I woke up.

My first groggy question was, "Did it go okay, could he see?" To which I got a yes, all was well. PHEW. In under an hour I was feeling awake, had a cup of tea and a bun (so very English) and was got up to walk about, have a pee, and get changed, then to sit quietly and have more tea in a recovery room with tatty magazines while they checked all my vitals. Then my Beloved came to take me home and I appear to be fine.

I feel delighted and puzzled by this in equal measure but am not going to take anything for granted and start going on long walks or going back to work quite yet. I have the okay to be on leave for two weeks from my boss but I suspect I won't need all of it.

I hope that's useful to someone. Thank you for all of your comments on my previous entry about what to expect. I appreciate this community more than I can say.
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