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polycystic ovarian syndrome

Hello my vagina angels!
I was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (I kept getting my period every two weeks for months). It was very scary as I had never gone to the gynecologist (really poor choice as i'm 23) and I was TERRIFIED. I found out I have an over abundance of androgens in my body, the hormone imbalance being the issue behind the cysts. I have been getting internal ultra sounds to check on them which is so weird feeling!!!

At the beginning my gynecologist had me on a lot of meds that was making me constantly nauseous and then not feeling like myself. She had me on a very high dosage of birth control, an androgen blocker steroid- Spironolactone, and this other drug called Metformin (also used for diabetic people), which was all supposed to help 'get rid' of my cysts.

I hate taking meds and it was an extremely awful process which led me to be hyper emotional and very unstable and constantly on the verge of throwing up. I then saw a different gynecologist who said that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing that my body produces too much of this male hormone and that it's normal to have cysts come in and out of your ovaries, so I stopped taking all of those medications.

I was just wondering what y'all thought of the matter and if anyone has any holistic herbal approaches to getting rid of multiple cysts?
I really cannot handle being on such an intense time sensitive variety of medications and am feeling very confused about the conflicting opinions of the doctors. I also really hate doctors and medicine in general and I feel there is a way to naturally solve this problem!

sorry this is a very long post, thank you!
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