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MMMMonday! SCOTUS decisions - a space to vent.

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In light of everything that's been going on with the U.S. Supreme Court decisions this week, we wanted to provide a space in the comments to this post for VPers to vent about it all. (Here's a piece on the Hobby Lobby decision that affects ACA and access to birth control. And here's one on the decision affecting public sector unions.) (Note: please avoid abortion debate in your comments, but otherwise, feel free to unload!)

Also, Planned Parenthood has a donation matching campaign that ends today. Check it out, and donate if you like, or share far and wide!

Lastly, if you're interested in helping us out with MMMMondays, we are looking for a few guest posters! We've selected some subject ideas, are there any you'd be up for writing? Check the lists out at these links: Call for Guest Posters and Guest posters 2 - for if you'd like to contribute to a group post, writing just a paragraph!
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