J.M.B. (x_jessicah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello lovelies!

So, yesterday I slipped and fell on my wire laundry hamper... and because I have the "BEST" of luck, I fell on one of the hard corners, which hit my vagina. There was a ton of pain at first, and then I noticed I was bleeding.

When I checked in a mirror, it seems like I scratched/ripped open a section of my skin inside the labia minora, but not inside the vaginal opening. It didn't bleed a lot yesterday, just some initial bleeding, and I was able to have a good time at the beach afterwards. Today I woke up, and noticed I was bleeding a little bit from the cut again.

What I'm wondering, VPers, is  this is somethign serious enough to go to the doctor or can I take care of this myself at home?

I tried using Google to get more information, but all posts about torn/ripped/scratched vaginas are sex related and that's not the case here.

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