james is a girl (james72) wrote in vaginapagina,
james is a girl

Fibroid out, mirena in

Hello amazing ones

I've had a search and haven't found quite what I am looking for so I am sorry if I've missed and am going over old ground.

On Tuesday I go in for transcervical resection of a hefty fibroid and am having a mirena inserted, all under a general anesthetic.

I have been given lots of very good information by the hospital and the NHS about before, during and immediately after but what I would love to know is how long after the proceedure do I take off work?

I've found one website that says most women return to work/usual activities after 72 hours. Another one said 7 days. I am trying to give my very understanding boss a clue but am beginning to suspect there may be no firm guideline.

Has anyone experienced this excitement themselves?

If it's helpful, I'm happy to post about it when it's all over.

Thank you!
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