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Hey all you great VPers!!!

So back in December I had a miscarriage, after being told for many years I would never get pregnant.

It happened once, I am bound and set to make it happen again!

My ob/gyn put me on Clomid a month after the miscarriage and I have now done four rounds of it, one month while using ovulation kits - at the insistence of my doctor to make sure the clomid was working, which it is.

I usually get my period between days 28 and 35, today is day 31 and I still don't have my period. But I do have extremely sore breast, completely exhausted, some nausea, lower back pain, mood swings and some aversions to food ... but I also am having cramping. I have taken one pregnancy test (yesterday - June 25th) and it was negative.

Do I take another one today? Or do I wait till day 35 and then call my doctor?

My last pregnancy never registered on a pregnancy test, my dr. told me that 10% of the women in the world do not ever get positive pregnancy tests.

Do I wait? Or spend the money on tests and keep testing?

Thoughts? Suggestions! Please!!!
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