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So I am 20yrs old sexually active (only with my magic fingers) female. I used to think that the way I masturbate is unusual, maybe even weird. I still think that, but not that much any more. One of the reasons is that I have never ever orgasmed during sex. Not even oral. I don't really know if that was because guys cared more about getting off themselves than me, or maybe that I was too tense. But it always made me question why I can't cum and whether it might be somehow connected to the way I masturbate...

Let me start from the beginning. I probably started masturbating at a VERY young age, maybe 4yrs old. Of course back then I didn't know what I was doing, it just seemed fun and it felt really good. Remember those riding stick horses? Well it was a similar principle, just instead of it I used my hands. I would clench (idk if that's the most accurate word for it) my hands across my crotch and jump around. Basically I was riding my hands. I'm not sure if that was only the friction between my labia or my clit was being stimulated as well, but either way it felt really good and I wanted to share it with everyone. I think I tried to convince my brother to do it. He didn't like it that much.

Another way I would get off when I was still a kid (I still do it though), was to be sitting on a chair, mostly putting your weight on one leg and rubbing it with another. It was still the same principle; labia friction. But that would be really intense and I could (can) orgasm quite a lot in a really short period of time. Full bladder helped as well. I mean pressure from both sides would heat up my G-spot much faster. But as I told you I didn't really know what I was doing, so I used to do that around my family until my mom forbid me from doing it (she called it 'squeezing cheese'). However I didn't see any harm in it so I kept on doing what I do best, just in private.

But only in my teenage years, around 16, I got more curious and tried putting objects inside my pussy. Sadly I didn't have any toys so I had to used whatever was in the bathroom. But I didn't used them for masturbating, just experimenting how it feels like inside. My fingers didn't do a thing either. I kept on using my long developed and polished techniques. Only recently I started masturbating with my fingers.

Probably cause of my past I can't really cum with stimulating my clit, only my G-spot. My favourite position used to be ( I still use it sometimes) laying on the side with my legs closed. Now I started masturbating while laying on my back with my legs bent. The problem I have, I don't really know if it's natural or just me, but when I get really aroused and feel that it's the 'time' to push it further, my legs instantly 'lock' and I am forced to push my fingers in while my arm is being squeezed by my legs. And no matter what position it is I still would do that. This kind of drives me to conclusion that this might be the reason why I can't orgasm while having intercourse. Would be cool to hear your opinion from you guys!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed my embarrassing story
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